Our Artisanal cheeses

Our honestly crafted, Made in India organic cheeses are handcrafted from locally sourced milk and adhere to fair trade practices. The name Amiksa comes from the Sanskrit word “आमिक्षा” which means cheese curds.

cheddar cheese


Our Cheddar inspired from the English classic is a four month + aged cheese with firm texture & pronounced flavour. It is made from fresh Cow’s milk, salt, vegetarian rennet, culture & aged on pine wood. What makes our Cheddar the most unique is that they are not covered in wax and has no preservative or artificial additives.



A young cheese with a mild flavour and melting characteristics. This quintessential Italian inspired cheese is made from fresh Cow’s milk, Salt , vegetarian rennet, culture & aged on pine wood. A process of pure craftsmanship ensures a semisoft cow’s cheese with a gentle buttery and intense flavour.

cumin gouda cheese

Cumin Gouda

This Dutch inspired cheese is a soft cheese. It is made from fresh Cow’s milk, salt, vegetarian rennet, culture and aged on pine wood. It has no preservative or artificial additives. The unusual addition of cumin or jeera makes it especially suited for the Indian palate.

feta cheese

Feta Style Cheese

This Cheese is a fresh, brined, slightly tangy European classic which is eaten raw in salads, soups, over hot breads etc. It is crafted from fresh Cow’s milk, salt, vegetarian rennet and culture. This cheese also possesses fewer calories than many other cheeses and is a notable flavouring for many dishes.

borsalino cheese


Our Borsalino is a spreadable, tangy cheese made from cow’s milk with fresh herbs, pepper and vegetarian rennet. While the herbs bestows a lingering freshness, the pepper provides a delectable punch. This cheese is a perfect accompaniment to your breads, salads, soups etc.

creamy cheese


Creamy is a soft, spreadable fresh cheese with only salt added. Made fresh from Cow’s milk, salt ,vegetarian rennet and culture, it has no preservative.This versatile cheese can be eaten as it is or combined with any additional flavour of your liking.

Exclusive Edition

Our exclusive edition cheeses are available in limited quantities and are available in select stores only.

exclusive amiksa cheese

Smoked cheese

A soft and creamy cheese  with extra flavor by placing it over smoky embers.

Confiture De Lait

This is not a cheese but a by product of milk. With its melt-in-the-mouth texture, Amiksa’s Confiture de lait ( Milk Jam) is to be enjoyed over desserts or as a spread, or with a spoon for the sweet tooth.


A soft spreadable cheese with nuts and raisins.


A very soft, creamy textured cheese with a soft rind and delicate flavour.