Feta Style Cheese

About Feta style cheese

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A fresh salty tangy cheese

This cheese is a salty white crumbly cheese known worldwide. Our Feta style cheese is made from pure cow’s milk. Typically the milk is pasteurized to optimum temperature and then culture is added.  After the coagulation of the milk takes place, the curd is cut in to chunks and transferred into molds. This molding allows for the draining of the excess whey to take place. The draining can take around 24hours after which the cheeses are taken out of molds. The cheeses are then brined and matured. Traditionally it has the highest quantity of salt ~4%. We have chosen t reduce it to 3% to suit to Indian palate.

The unit is privately owned by the Laederich-Nandee family and respects fair trade practices of cheese manufacturers in India.

Glimpse at Feta style cheese


It is used in raw in salads or in salty pastries, vegetarian and Non vegetarian hot pots , over flatbreads and sauces.


Cow milk, Salt, vegetarian enzymes, culture


Sealed pack


Pasturized/pressed & Brined.


Approximately 3-7 days




4°C to 8°C

Shelf Life:
  • Package opened: best within 1 week in the fridge when stored within the above mentioned temperature

Note: Each wheel/ batch is provided with a unique lot number.

Feta cheese

Summer Salad with Feta style Cheese