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A soft spreadable cheese with herbs and crushed black pepper.

Borsalino is a creamy & crumbly cheese. An excellent way to enjoy it is to smother it on piece of good bread. This cheese is inspired by the French Boursin which traditionally includes parsley and chives but we have given it a twist and added fresh Spring onions, Coriander for that Indian touch & combined it with a kick of black pepper. Typically the milk is pasteurized to optimum temperature and then culture is added.  After the coagulation of the milk takes place, the curd is cut in to chunks and transferred into batches for draining. This draining takes 1-2 days depending on the amount of cheese. Fresh herbs and pepper is added. 

The unit is privately owned by the Laederich-Nandee family and respects fair trade practices of cheese manufacturers in India.

Glimpse at Borsalino


This is a spreadable cheese and can be used on top of buns, salads, bruschetta, toasts, Mexican dishes, salads, dips/spreads of your choice


Cow milk, Salt, vegetarian enzymes, culture, herbs and crushed pepper.






Approximately 3-4 days




4°C to 8°C

Shelf Life:
  • Package opened: best within 1 week in the fridge when stored within the above mentioned temperature

Note: Each wheel/ batch is provided with a unique lot number.

Borsalino cheese

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