About Cheddar

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A 4month +aged cheese with firm texture and pronounced flavor.

Our Cheddar is a young English inspired firm white cheese with a soft texture and a mild sharpness. Aged to perfection, the process of cheddarisation is a complicated one which involves many steps, acidification and concentration of the milk followed by the addition of vegetarian rennet. The milk chosen is carefully sourced with a single fresh milking done the same morning this cheese is produced. After productions which can last 2-3 days & includes steps like cheddaring, milling, pressing, this cheese is then ripened and aged for at least 4-6 months over pine wood. Each day the rind is wiped with a layer of extra virgin olive oil to develop its unique crust. This results in a young cheddar. Aged for longer duration 8-9months leads to more matured cheddar with a sharp taste. Each wheel is around 4-6 kilos. Cheddar is known and consumed worldwide as it is a very popular cheese. Our cheddar is not coated with any chemical keeping in line with our vision of all natural cheeses.

The unit is privately owned by the Laederich-Nandee family and respects fair trade practices of cheese manufacturers in India.

Glimpse at Cheddar


Cheddar is a multipurpose cheese , can be used in pasta, pizzas, sandwiches, in apple pies or simply use it as a table cheese along with stone fruits.


Cow milk, Salt, vegetarian enzymes, culture


Vacuumed when cut.


Pasturised /pressed.


4-6 months




4°C to 8°C

Shelf Life:
  • Cut piece vacuumed and unopened: 60 days in fridge when stored within the above mentioned temperature.
  • Package opened: 2 weeks in the fridge when stored within the above mentioned temperature

Note: Each wheel/ batch is provided with a unique lot number.

Cheddar cheese

Apple Tartetatin with Cheddar cheese