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A soft and creamy cheese flavoured with cumin seeds.

Gouda cheese has its roots in the European country of Netherlands. Our Gouda cheese is inspired by the Gouda of the Netherlands with an Indian twist. This brine salted rindless cheese is made from cows milk sourced locally from the nearby village. After the process of the pasturising , collecting of the curds, cumin or as we know in India as Jeera seeds are added. It is then pressed , brine salted and aged for atleast 3 months. The rind is cleaned everyday of any flora .Our Gouda is semi hard one which can be cut, sliced or also shredded. The wheels are usually between 4-6 kilos and with such a fusion twist it is sure to be a crowd pleasure.

The unit is privately owned by the Laederich-Nandee family and respects fair trade practices of cheese manufacturers in India.

Glimpse at Cumin Gouda


This is a great melting cheese; It can also used in homemade lasagna and spicy chicken tikka sandwiches. It works well on any cheese board, compiled with other cheeses.


Cow milk, Salt, vegetarian enzymes, culture, cumin seeds.


Vacuumed when cut.


Pasturised /pressed & brined.


3 months +




4°C to 8°C

Shelf Life:
  • Cut piece vacuumed and unopened: 60 days in fridge when stored within the above mentioned temperature.
  • Package opened: 2 weeks in the fridge when stored within the above mentioned temperature

Note: Each wheel/ batch is provided with a unique lot number.

Cumin gouda cheese

Bruschetta with Amiksa Cumin Gouda Cheese