Yes, we make cheeses

However, our little atelier is more than just a production unit to us, it is where our cheeses (Our labour of love) are born and nurtured everyday.

Our Journey

Our Journey so far…

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We are an Indo- French couple, François and Debarati Laederich who took a life changing decision to move to the Himalayas from the coast of South India. Inspired by the fresh mountain air, gurgling brooks and miles of undulating meadows, we decided to make Himachal our home and make use of bountiful offerings here to make artisanal cheeses!

the village

The Village

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The production unit located in Mashobra valley, a small village nestled amongst the majestic views of the Shimla Hills and fields dotted with daisies. The grass-fed cows are hand-milked every morning by villagers, collected and brought to the unit where the cheese making process starts immediately. This partnership with the villagers has ensured supply of best quality milk which is the essence of high quality graded cheese.

the cheesemaster

The Cheesemaster

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François was born and raised in Paris and is trained in the art of cheesemaking in Aurillac, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France. His expertise in french cheesemaking, fascination towards caseiculture, abundance of milk and inspiration from the sheer beauty and culture of Himachal Pradesh have fueled his passion to make cheeses that are unique in character and taste. Along with his wife, Debarati, François is constantly innovating and developing his techniques to bring forth diverse yet organic cheeses to the Indian market.