Cheese from the Himalayas!

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Amiksa artisanal cheeses are 100% natural and handcrafted. Inspired by the French and other European classic , we use the freshest, locally sourced Himalayan milk and use attentive French cheese production techniques. All our hard cheeses are pine wood-aged and the fresh cheese are made every week using vegetarian rennet and pasteurized milk. This gives our cheeses its unique characteristics; flavours and textures.

The flavour of milk and the cheese from which it’s made can be significantly affected by where the animals graze, what they eat, and the microclimate of the farm. The French call this concept Terroir— a sense of place that comes through in the flavor of food.

So bring out that bottle of wine! Whether you are a gourmet or a home chef, we bring to you our bespoke creations from the mountains to your plate

Our Cheeses

Good Milk, Great Cheese.

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Amiksa cheese started in late 2019, is located in Mashobra valley amidst the undulating hills and green farms. Every morning, the villagers milk their grass-fed cows by hand and the fresh local milk is brought to the unit where the process of cheese making starts immediately. We, at Amiksa cheese through this model of local sourcing and processing are able to give the locals a sustainable source of income, hope and pride.

From the Mountains to your plate

Artisanal organic cheese handcrafted in the Himalayas. One of the best gourmet cheeses from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh recognized for its French quality.

Pic credit: Rishi Sood