About Gruyère

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A 6 month + aged firm cheese with a nutty taste inspired by the Swiss original.

Originally a Swiss firm cheese made from cows cheese matured from 6-12 months. Our cheeses produced in the village of outside of Mashobra, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, it captures the dense and savoury character of older Gruyère in a creamy 6 or 8 month variety. After pasteurization of the milk and cutting the curds, the young wheels are placed in salt bath. It is then further aged in a relatively modern cellar over pine wood. The result is a slightly grainy Himalayan handcrafted Gruyère cheese. This handmade cheese has a wonderful complexity of flavours – at first fruity then revealing earthier, nutty character that lingers on the palate.

The unit is privately owned by the Laederich-Nandee family and respects fair trade practices of cheese manufacturers in India.

Glimpse at Gruyère


It is used in a variety of dishes or can be eaten in slices or melted. It can also be used for pasta, pizzas, lasagnas, sandwiches, toppings for soup, crepes, Quiche, Gratin, Frittatas. It can be eaten as it is as a table cheese.


Cow milk, Salt, vegetarian enzymes, culture


Vacuumed when cut.


Pasturized/pressed & washed rind.


6 months – 8 months




4°C to 8°C

Shelf Life:
  • Cut piece vacuumed and unopened: 60 days in fridge when stored within the above mentioned temperature.
  • Package opened: 2 weeks in the fridge when stored within the above mentioned temperature

Note: Each wheel/ batch is provided with a unique lot number.

Pasta with Gruyère cheese & roasted bell peppers