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Pasta with Gruyère cheese & roasted bell peppers

Makes for 2 Ingredients: Pasta (Penne/ Farfalle/ Spaghetti)- 100gms Red peppers- 2nos Olives pitted: 10nos Garlic cloves: 2 chopped Amiksa Gruyère cheese: 50gms or as much as you wish. Salt and pepper according to taste. How to make: Cut bell peppers into 4 and deseed. Dress them in olive oil, salt and olive oil and […]

Bruschetta with Amiksa Cumin Gouda Cheese

Makes for 2-3 Ingredients: Sliced Bread- 2-3 slices (you can cut in triangles or keep it whole) Mushroom- we used button- about 7-8 cut in slices Cherry tomatoes- 7-8 cut in halves Butter- 2 teaspoon Olive oil- 2 tablespoon Amiksa Gouda cheese- Grated or sliced- around 50gms Salt & pepper to season Parsley or any […]

Open sandwich with Amiksa Creamy cheese

Serves-2 Ingredients: Sliced pieces of round bread Tomatoes- 1-2 small , preferably slightly roasted in a pan Pesto- Homemade or store bought Butter- 2 teaspoon Amiksa Creamy cheese- 50 gms crumbled Olive oil- 2 tablespoon to drizzle on top (Optional) How to make: Slice the bread and butter them. Slightly toast them on each side. […]

Baby Potatoes Fondue with Fontina Cheese

Makes for 2 Ingredients: Mixed baby potatoes skins on, washed and patted dry- 150gms 1/2 cup olive oil  1 garlic clove, minced  Rosemary herbs (optional) Amiksa Fontina cheese: 100gms or as much as you wish. Salt and pepper according to taste. How to make: Preheat the oven to 180 °C. Clean the baby potatoes but […]

Apple Tartetatin with Cheddar cheese

Tartetatin is an upside down French apple pie. Ingredients: Home made short crust pastry or store bought (as per your wish) 3 table spoons flour for rolling 4 tablespoons butter 2/3 cup granulated sugar 5-6 Himachali apples or any apples you find at your nearby store- Peeled , cored and Diced . 50gms Amiksa Cheddar […]

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